Friday, 29 January 2010

By Candlelight.

Well this is just something I wrote during a power cut a few months back, it was written using Candle as light, hence the title, I thought it fitting I guess. Comments are welcome.


What have I done this time? Why do I have to drink? I could feel the sheets resting upon my skin. The feeling upon my skin was so relaxing they must be silk, not the regular cotton ones I have. Wait a minute, if this isn’t my bed, then who the hells is it? Upon that notion my eyelids began to flicker, and then were peeled apart as if two opposing forces previously locked together had been quelled and their grasp conceded. I proceeded to battle the sleep and force my eyes open to see where I actually was, and more importantly, what damage I had done. My eyes creaked open ever so slowly.

            I were greeted by the sight of a bedside table, and its contents – a basic alarm clock, a small lamp and a single book, open for the room to witness – which  were strewn across the surface of this modest, light wooded table. These aren’t my things? My eyes drifted from the table towards a pillar of light entering the simple room from a lonely, slightly open window. Through the window, once my eyes had adjusted to the light, I was just able to make out the colours. There was a shady sky blue colour underpinned by a brilliant mix where the sky had blended with a brilliant orange. I blinked; I relaxed a little and sank back into the sheets, with a slight jostle until I suddenly received a sharp shock through my nervous system. I stopped instantly. I brushed my arms across something warm and incredibly smooth; I jumped away from it almost instinctively. The feeling was almost heavenly, what could be such a beauty to touch?

            I dared myself to turn my head towards the direction of what made my entire body become covered in small goose bumps. I cautiously turned my head away from the window, my eye line drifting across the room ever closer towards the object that had chilled me that much. My gaze happened to fall upon an object of pale pink flesh topped with lengthy back black hair. I was sharing the bed with someone? Not again.

            I continued to peer at the large abundance of hair, my eyes fixed upon the sheer perfection of the individual strands of dark hair draped across their shoulders. Glancing down, I followed the curvature of their upper back, until a brilliant shape caught my eye, the outline of a small rabbit. The outline of which was a distinct jump from the pale tones of their uninteresting skin, a bright black, suddenly jumping into a brilliant white. The rabbit itself appeared to be in a state of animation, leaping and bounding effortlessly across the pale pink grass, if I didn’t know better I could have swear it was moving.

            I reached out with my hand closest to the body that lay there beside me in this bed, my outstretched hand moved gradually closer to the pale skin. Nearer and nearer it crept to the pale skinned back before me, like a pickpocket encroaching on a target’s wallet. My hand stuttered and froze, hesitation set in. My shaking digits gently connected with the soft flesh. Two fingers, then three gradually came to lie upon the steady back of this unknown person. I slowly began to follow the protruding outline of their spine, the hills as I traced my fingers downwards, noticeable but yet unbeknown. The feeling was unbelievable; as if I was stroking the wings of an angel: it was confusing to the touch. Once my fingers had traced all the way from the neckline, past the shoulders down to the extreme lower back, the sheets had become interwoven with the motionless angel before me, I stopped, not daring to go any further. I resigned myself, and slowly began to move my satisfied fingers away from my angel’s skin. Could I really call this person my angel? For what better name is there for someone with such perfect skin?

            The body stirred, just as my outstretched arm had retreated away to a safe distance, enough to leave the required space for the angel to move unimpeded by my limb. Lucky I guess. I wouldn’t want to awaken such a peaceful sleeping beauty. The body turned effortlessly until it came to rest, in what must be a more comfortable position within the sheets. This movement came somewhat as a disappointment, as now their elegant back was not in my sight, but instead the bare, solemn wall over their shoulder. However, this weighed up against what was now presented to my eyes was inconsequential, the grace of their hidden face was overpowering, even through their hair had draped over it forming a translucent barrier between me and the angel before me. The only comforting fact being, I could just make out the softened outline of their surreal face. I peered past the screen of hair obstructing my view, surveying their face carefully, I could realise the near perfection of it, just what I would expect from my angel, my female angel?

            My flickering eyes moved from her delightful face where it made notice of two small humps wrapped under the quilt, obscured from my view, it was definitely my female angel. This would explain their unbelievably soft covering. Her slender build, not a lacking figure by any means, was a good mix of the protruding shapes of her bones and the flesh that surrounds them. This was clearly present in her upper body, now exposed from the sheets. Her hair even while shielding her face was noticeably long, in that it must stretch some distance down her perfect back, she shifted once again, the hair across her face dispelled to her back by some hidden incantation, opening Pandora’s box, revealing her true beauty as she lay there completely unaware of her observed state.

            I reached out once again to take another hit from the softness of her skin, to see it was not imagined, this time I moved in for a larger dose. My hand wavered towards her left cheek, quite rosy in comparison the pale border encapsulating her other facial features. My fingers once again connected, and instantly my fingers froze and moved to cup my hand upon her cheek, and gently began to give small tender strokes.

Suddenly as if awoke by a call from heaven her face lit up with an unimaginable brilliant smile. Her lips gradually curled upwards. She was awake? Her eyes drifted open from their seemingly unconscious state to meet mine, like everything else they were the beautiful eyes. How could they be so transfixing? Her left eye was a mediocre shade of a sky blue, while her right showed a clear contrast by being a pale shade of green, just like grass; uniquely framed by rings of perfectly shaped eye lashes.


            One word caused her lips to part, slightly taking me by surprise – she had spoken with such elegance, her voice as perfect as her body, floated effortlessly to my ears with the perfect volume needed to make my head spin uncontrollably. I blushed. She just blinked and gave me another smile. I was transfixed upon her eyes as they drew closer towards mine, deathly and silent she glided towards me in the covers. The moment was perfect in every way as she drew ever closer I could feel my heart racing, working overtime to bump blood to my extremities and to sustain the oxygen flow to my brain to prevent me passing out from the emotions I was feeling. Her lips reached mine. The feeling was electric, I struggled to stay conscious. Their unblemished nature could have been to fault here, her lips another crowing feature of her perfection. Our lips seemed to stay infringed for what could only be described as an eternity, yet in reality it only lasted for an unbelievably small amount of time before I could no longer feel her touch upon my lips. I felt the massive absence in front of me as she repositioned herself to come to rest snuggled up against my side. I relaxed slightly, and lay there as she placed one of her lightly sculptured hands on my bare chest and she pulled herself closer to my side. She held me there in a tight embrace; I felt her bosom pressing against my side still huddled in the sheets. I felt her light fingers upon my skin begin movement in a soft stroking manner, caressing to the touch. She had me right there in that moment, incarcerated by her both mental and physical embrace. I lay there taking in the moment, savouring it, hoping that I could lay here forever in her embrace. Questions began to blur in my obviously clouded mind; the thought of how I had actually managed to get here; how this moment in time came to fruitation. My mind was at a loss.

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